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MentalCast: Episode #410

I dropped the screw in my penis! Find out what on earth that means, as well as news about Abe Vigoda that isn't a hoax and the Five Nights at Freddy's RPG. Starring Michael Riley, Chelsea Tarkington, Billy Carter, Jace D. Ace and Adam Winkelmann.

Slam!: Royal Rumble 2016 Wrapup

While taking care of a drunk Josh, Mike and Travis talk about the Royal Rumble and how Phenomenal it was. Starring Michael Riley, Josh Richardson, Travis Schaeffer and Laura Daniel, with Haley Richardson and Cody Yates. Taped on January 24, 2016.

WrestleRiffs: Brian Zane

The Z Man himself, Brian Zane from Wrestling With Wregret, is on our show to talk about the Rumble, the TNA accusations and whether he preferes nacho cheese or cool ranch. Starring Michael Riley, Dane Forgione, Billy Carter and special guest Brian Zane.

Abe Knuckleball Schwartz in action - YouTube
Mark Young vs. Brooklyn Brawler - YouTube
Lanny Poffo & Scott Casey vs. Steve Lombardi & Barry Horowitz - YouTube

MentalCast: Episode #408

That definitely should not go there. We tackle everything that was inserted everywhere last year, as well as the new Brad & Janet and more. Starring Michael Riley, Chelsea Tarkington, Billy Carter, Michelle Light and Dane Forgione.