The Joker's Wild: Episode #14

Adam Bednarczyk, Mark Gledhill, Ashley Miller and Ricardo Arredondo all vie for the vacant championship. Hosted by Michael Riley. Production code JW-1x14; recorded on June 10, 2015.

The Joker's Wild: Episode #13

Billy Carter goes head-to-head with Ryan Palmer, and champion Brody Brennick defends his crown against Chelsea Tarkington. Production code JW-1x13; recorded on June 9, 2015.

Slam!: Hell in a Cell 2015 Wrapup

The gang is back together to talk about Undertaker and Brock Lesnar beating the crap out of each other. Starring Michael Riley, Josh Richardson, Travis Schaeffer and Laura Daniel. Recorded on October 25, 2015.

Slam!: Raw #1169 Wrapup

Mike and Josh talk about the events of the October 19 edition of Raw. Starring Michael Riley and Josh Richardson.

WrestleRiffs: Pop Doesn't Pay

Mike and Billy are joined by Ashley Miller this week to talk about Pop TV's "lucrative" deal with TNA, Raw's terrible ratings and more, plus a riff of the final episode of Wrestling Society X. Hosted by Michael Riley and starring Billy Carter and Ashley Miller.

Series Finale of Wrestling Society X - YouTube

Dartboard Cinema: Live and Let Die

The many faces of Bond month continues with Roger Moore’s first Bond film, “Live and Let Die,” directed by Guy Hamilton. Hosted by Mark Gledhill and starring Ashley Miller and Jeremy Garcia.

MentalCast: Episode #402

You shut your mouth when Billy Mays is talking. Adele breaks records, the next Fantastic Four movie may not happen, and there's a new "Hey Arnold!" movie coming soon. Starring Michael Riley, Chelsea Tarkington, Billy Carter, Rick Terrasi and Jace D. Ace.

WrestleRiffs: When It Reigns, It Pours

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose battle over who's going to be turning heel when Reigns leaves with the title this evening, plus a main event featuring Iron Sheik and Tito Santana. Starring Michael Riley, Dane Forgione and Billy Carter.

The Iron Shiek vs. Tito Santana - YouTube

Dartboard Cinema: Goldfinger

The Many Faces of Bond month begins with Sean Connery’s take on Bond in Guy Hamilton’s “Goldfinger.” Hosted by Mark Gledhill and starring Ashley Miller and Jeremy Garcia.

MentalCast: Episode #401

Linkle, Linkle, little star. Find out our thoughts on the new Zelda character's name, why Charlie Sheen isn't just sure, and what Stephen Colbert's doing after the Super Bowl. Starring Michael Riley, Chelsea Tarkington, Billy Carter, Adam Bednarczyk and Cat Lencione.

WrestleRiffs: Asuka's So Pretty

The Ass Man is an unemployed man, NXT talent is on the chopping block and Alberto Del Rio has to relenquish the AAA Mega Championship. Plus, our main event is an insane Bath House Deathmatch from FMW. Starring Michael Riley, Dane Forgione and Billy Carter. Recorded on November 14, 2015.

Keisuke Yamada & Shoji Nakamaki vs. Tarzan Goto & Mr Gannosuke: Bath House Deathmatch - YouTube (contains nudity)

MentalCast: Episode #400

It's lasted longer than most television shows! The celebration of 400 episodes takes place with news about MST3K, Bob Ross, Red vs. Blue and a ton of cameos for Room 101. Starring Michael Riley, Chelsea Tarkington, Billy Carter, Ashley Miller and Mark Gledhill, with special appearances by Dane Forgione, Adam Snyder, Michelle Light, Jeremy Garcia, Adam Bednarczyk and Ricardo Arredondo.

MVGLive: Top 25 Moments of 2015

Here it is, the video all 2 of you have been waiting for... the best of 2015! This'll be the last MVGLive video. Be sure to follow us over at Geek Juice Gaming Live. I've put some helpful links below to guide you to where you'll need to be on Wednesdays from now on. Thanks for 3 great years!

WrestleRiffs: An Even Deadlier Game

Seth Rollins had an oopsy. Find out how long he'll be gone and what the heck WWE is gonna do in his place for Survivor Series. Plus, a riff of the first main event of Wrestling Society X. Starring Michael Riley and Dane Forgione.

WSX Rumble For a Shot At the WSX Championship

Slam!: Raw #1168 Wrapup

The crew talks briefly about the October 12, 2015 edition of Monday Night RAW. Starring Michael Riley, Josh Richardson, Brad Jones, and more. Taped on October 12, 2015.

MVGLive: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Night 1

The epic adventure begins. We start playing through the biggest N64 adventure of all time. Starring Michael Riley, Dane Forgione, Ashley Miller, Mark Gledhill and Adam Bednarczyk. Aired live on November 4, 2015.

This is the final MVGLive, as we are transitioning now over to Geek Juice Gaming Live! starting next week. Thank you all for your years of support and I hope you continue to follow us as we continue playing games on Geek Juice.

MentalCast: Episode #399

Goodbye, Jeremy Garcia. We send him on to happy trails with a hell of a clip fest, plus news about a exhibitionist covered in ketchup, YouTube Red's flip-flopping and more. Starring Michael Riley, Dane Forgione, Billy Carter, Jeremy Garcia and Michelle Light.

WrestleRiffs: Rusev Sprains His Putin

This week, it's a Halloween flavored show, as the cast riffs over a match filled with horrors. Also, Hell in a Cell fallout, Rusev injured and more. Starring Michael Riley, Dane Forgione and Billy Carter.

Grave Digger vs. Boogie Man vs. Jason the Terrible - YouTube