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MVGLive: Viewers Choice III

It's the night where YOU are in control! The fans and viewers have weighed in and "Super Mario Land 2" (Game Boy) was the winner. Also played is "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker" (Genesis). Starring Michael Riley, Jeremy Garcia, Ashley Miller, Billy Carter, Mark T. Gledhill, Adam Bednarczyk, Joseph Gottschlich and Ricardo Arredondo. Aired live August 28, 2014.

MVGLive: Final Doom, Night 4

The Doom is over. It's the last night of "Final Doom" on DOS as we talk about everything under the sun. Except the game, that is. Starring Michael Riley, Jeremy Garcia, Billy Carter, Ashley Miller, Joseph Gottschlich, Mark T. Gledhill and Adam Bednarczyk. Aired live on August 23, 2014.