XAWA Wrestling; Violence Is the Answer 2014

Blackheart is forced into an unsanctioned match with Nightmare when the World Heavyweight Champion doesn't show up. Also in action are The Alien, Xander, Cyrus Mason, Kitana, The Angel of Death, and The Ogre. Originally aired March 30, 2014.

XAWA Wrestling: LiveWire #1302

Will Smith has the unenviable task of taking on Deacon Storm with Nightmare at ringside. Also in action are Rowdy Smith, Blackheart, The Ogre, Kitana and more. Originally aired March 23, 2014.

Slam!: WWE SmackDown! #3

Mike takes a look at the third-ever episode of SmackDown from 1999, featuring a tag team match between Rock & Mankind and Triple H & Shane McMahon. Originally aired March 22, 2014.

XAWA Wrestling: ShOcK! #701

Tensions rise in tag team action when Will Smith teams with Blackheart to take on The Ogre and The Alien. Originally aired March 16, 2014.

XAWA Wrestling: LiveWire #1301

Fury and Stryle return and immediately are at each other's throats. Also, Nightmare and Blackheart as cocommissioners Also in action are The Ogre, Cyrus Mason, Kitana and more. Originally aired March 9, 2014.

XAWA Wrestling: Road 2 Ruin 2014

The season begins with a new cocommissioner and a triple threat match between Blackheart, The Ogre and Will Smith. Also in action are Kitana and Cyrus Mason, Originally aired March 2, 2014.