XAWA Wrestling: Derailed 2013

It might be raining, but that won't stop the XAWA from putting on a hell of a show. Tonight, Nightmare faces Cyrus Mason for the World Heavyweight Championship, and The Ogre defends his International Championship against D.C. Also in action are Will Smith, Rowdy Smith and A.J. Combo. Originally aired April 28, 2013.

XAWA Wrestling: ShOcK! #603

The rivalry between the factions heats up in the XAWA as Blackheart takes on DarkSide's Xander and Vile's Lucifer Stone in a triple threat for the Hardcore Title. Also in action tonight are Daemon Strong, Will Smith, Fury, D.C, and more. Originally aired April 21, 2013.

You Can't Be Serious!: Show #111

Tonight's games include "Remote Control," "Every Other Line," "What Are You Trying to Say?" "Intervention," "Party Quirks" and "Rap." Hosted by Michael Riley and starring Jason Jermakow, Fred Fritz, Brody Brennick and Dane Forgione. Season finale.