XAWA Wrestling: Hardcore Saturday Night 2012

Itapos;s Saturday, and itapos;s definitely hardcore. Fury and Kitana go head-to-head in a Backstage Brawl, Sharkey and D.C. in one of the most brutal matches ever, and Cyrus Mason takes on Bonkers in a rematch from 2011apos;s Highway to Hell. Also in action are Matt Lethal, Rowdy Smith, Blackheart, American Hillbilly and more. Aired August 25, 2012.

XAWA Wrestling: LiveWire #1110

On tonight's show - tag team elimination mayhem as the King Klick takes on the DarkSide, with help from an unexpected source. Plus, Blackheart goes for five more minutes in one of the more brutal hardcore matches you'll ever see! Also in action are Sharkey, Fury, Kitana, D.C., Nightmare and more. Aired August 19, 2012.

XAWA Wrestling: ShOcK! #509

With no DarkSide to back him up, Xander is forced to take on Nightmare and American Hilbilly all alone. Plus, will Blackheart overcome the Nephilim to gain 5 more minutes in his quest to a 30-minute Ironman Match? Also in action are The Alien, Brad Leech, Kitana, Will Smith and more! Aired August 12, 2012.

XAWA Wrestling: LiveWire #1109

Blackheart wants an Ironman match with Xander at Redemption, but there will be hell to go through to get it. Plus, two Aliens, no explanation, whatapos;s the story? Also in action are Brad Leech, Nightmare, American Hillbilly, John Logan and the returning Cyrus Mason. Aired August 5, 2012.