XAWA Wrestling: Highway to Hell 2012

The wildest and most frantic TLC match in the history of the company takes place for the Tag Team Championships. Also, Xander and Hitman Cox finally face off for the World Heavyweight Title. Also in action are Blackheart, Stryke, The Ogre, Vampress and more. Aired July 29, 2012.

XAWA Wrestling: ShOcK! #508

One week away from their big Tag Team title match, Nightmare goes one-on-one with American Hillbilly. Also, Kryptic and D.C. in a match for the Internet Championship that begins in a rather unorthodox way. Also in action are Blackheart, Fury, Xander, Shade, Hitman Cox, Vampress and more. Originally aired July 22, 2012.

XAWA Wrestling: LiveWire #1108

The Hardcore title gets passed around as the tag feud continues. Also in action are The Ogre, The Alien, Blackheart and more! Originally aired July 15, 2012.

XAWA Wrestling: ShOcK! #507

Xander takes on the Ogre just one week removed from becoming World Champion. Also, Blackheart defends the Internet title in its first match-up. Also in action are Kryptic, American Hillbilly, Nightmare, The Alien and more. Originally aired July 8, 2012.

XAWA Wrestling: Red, White & Bruised 2012 (LiveWire #1107)

After the World title becomes vacant, two challengers compete in a TLC match for the World title. Also, the Internet Championship is born and a tournament begins for the belt. Also in action are The Ogre, Shade, Blackheart, Kitana, Brad Leech and more. Originally aired July 1, 2012.