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XAWA Wrestling: Awakening 2012

It's one of the biggest events of the year, as Cyrus Mason and Shade battle for the final time. Who will emerge victorious, and who has seen their last days in the XAWA? Also in action are Brad Leech, Shawn Havoc, Nightmare, D.C., Fury and a whole lot more. Aired May 27, 2012.

XAWA Wrestling: LiveWire #1105

Blackheart and Hitman have to take on Fury and Sharkey, with Will Smith as the referee. Is Will Smith finally getting revenge on Blackheart? Also, it's one week from Awakening and tonight, we get the contract signing for the Cyrus Mason-Shade match. Also in action, The Alien, D.C, Xander, Shade and more! Aired May 20, 2012.

XAWA Wrestling: ShOcK! #504

Sharkey looks to put a permanent end to American Hillbilly's days of Hardcore wrestling with a flaming table. Plus, Hitman Cox puts his International Championship on the line against the Phenom himself, Cyrus Mason. Also in action are Blackheart, Hoosier Daddy, Brad Leech, Kitana, Ogre, Kryptic and more. Originally aired May 13, 2012.

WTF Files: Just Trailing Along

When plans to investigate a site known for an explosion in the 60s falls through, the gang explores a rickety bridge and woods beyond. Also, a return to the house that evil built. Starring Chris McClain, Travis Schaeffer, Jeremy Pierce and Daniel Roberson.

This episode is no longer available. Sorry.

XAWA Wrestling: LiveWire #1104

The commissioner of the company, Will Smith, attempts to get involved in the wrestlers affairs, even going so far as to pin Blackheart for the Hardcore title. Will Blackheart get it back? Also in action are Johnny Yager, American Hillbilly, D.C., The Ogre, Hitman Cox and more. Originally aired May 6, 2012.