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XAWA Wrestling: Derailed 2012

The Ogre defends the World Heavyweight title in a triple threat match. Also, the Hardcore title is on the line in a Table Elimination match, the International strap gets defended, and quite possibly the best match in XAWA history, when Cyrus Mason and Fury tangle in a Texas Death Match. From April 29, 2012.

XAWA Wrestling: ShOcK! #503

It's the week before Derailed, and tensions are high as the 24/7 rule of the Hardcore title is still in effect. Also, a battle between Sharkey and Bonkers leaves the clown layed out. Plus, appearances from Xander, Voltage, D.C., Blackheart and more. Aired April 22, 2012.

XAWA Wrestling: LiveWire #1103

We have a new commissioner, and he gets right to work, signing two matches to determine who's in the 4-Way Ladder match at Derailed for the Hardcore Title. Also, the highlight of the year from American Hillbilly. Also in action are Fury, The Alien, X, Xander and more! Originally aired April 15, 2012.