AWA Wrestling: Violence is the Answer 2008

The Phenom, Kryptic, The Ogre and Blackheart take part in a grueling tournament to find out who will be facing Blade and Shade for the Hardcore Championship in the main event. Taped on July 15, 2008.

AWA Wrestling: Red, White & Bruised 2008

Shade, Phenom and Revan put on the match of a lifetime for the Hardcore Championship. Also, Ogre takes on Blackheart for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Texas Bullrope Match, and Kryptic defends the Intercontinental Title against Maximus. Taped on July 1, 2008.

AWA Wrestling: ShOcK! #302

Shade and The Phenom go head-to-head in a hard-hitting street fight. Also in action are Blackheart, The Ogre and Kryptic. Taped on June 24, 2008.

AWA Wrestling: ShOcK! #301

The Ogre of Chaos takes on Blackheart and tries to destroy him. Plus, a tag team match between Revan and Maximus and Kryptic and Shade. Taped on June 17, 2008.

AWA Wrestling: Awakening 2008

Blackheart takes on Shade for the World Heavyweight Championship, but will he finally dethrone the longest-reigning AWA champion? Also in action are The Ogre, Kryptic, Kitana and Shawn Havoc. Taped on June 3, 2008.

Mental Television: OK Phone

Mike, Brad and Chris play some rock band and sing along to their favorite Tenacious D song. Starring Michael Riley, Chris McClain and Brad Jones. Production code MT-1x13. Originally aired May 7, 2008.

Mental Television: Mental Games

Mike, Chris and Brad, plus a special guest, play some improv games inspired by Whose Line is it Anyway?. Starring Michael Riley, Chris McClain, Brad Jones and special guest Taylor Scheid. Originally aired April 30, 2008. Production code MT-1x12.

Mental Television: Shopping Cart Rally

Chris and Travis do unspeakable things with a shopping cart, plus, Brad tries to get a job and much more. Starring Michael Riley, Chris McClain, Travis Schaeffer and Brad Jones, with Brittany Miller, Chris Hobbs, Julina Newsome and Alisha Flora. Production code MT-1x11; originally aired April 28, 2008.

Mental Television: Clover-feld, Pt. 2

Travis battles the cart monster (you read that correctly), and Chris and Mike prepare for the trek to Chris's house. Originally aired February 25, 2008. Production code MT-1x10. [Features new intro by Michael Riley.]

Mental Television: Clover-feld, Pt. 1

The gang goes to see the scariest movie they've ever seen...only to return to New Paris and cross the state line into darkness. Starring Mike Riley, Chris McClain, and Travis Schaeffer. Originally aired February 21, 2008. Production code MT-1x09. [New intro from Michael Riley.]

Mental Television: Attack of the Messy Room

Travis and Mike plunder in a messy room, and the gang hits it big in Rock Band. Starring Mike Riley, Chris McClain, Travis Schaeffer, and Brad Jones. Also Starring Daniel Roberson and Julina Newsome. Production code MT-1x08. Originally aired January 30, 2008. [Features new intro by Michael Riley.]