Movie: More Mental Than Ever Before

Mike, Brad and Chris go on a day-long trek that sees them go from Richmond to Eaton, falling down hills, seeing giant fishes and pencils, having wrestling matches in restaurants and more. Starring Michael Riley, Chris McClain, Brad Jones, Daniel Brubaker and more. Taped on June 19, 2007.

AWA Wrestling: Slam 'n' Jam 2007

Kitana takes on Blackheart for the Hardcore Championship. Plus, Phenom faces Scott Alexander, Shade goes two-on-one against Scott Alexander and Kryptic, and Shawn Havoc returns. Taped on June 16, 2007. [Includes bonus features from the DVD release, plus new intros from Blackheart.]

AWA Wrestling: ShOcK! #206

Blade, Kitana and Blackheart's rivalries come to a head in a crazy triple threat match. Plus, Scott Alexander debuts against Kryptic, and a MeltDown match to determine the number one contender to Shade's World Heavyweight Championship. Taped on June 12, 2007. [Includes new intros from Blackheart.]

AWA Wrestling: ShOcK! #205

It's a double edition of the show, featuring an out-of-control match between Blade and Blackheart, plus the return of Kitana. Taped on May 29 & June 5, 2007. [Includes bonus features from DVD release and new intros from Blackheart.]